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Laundry and ironing

Laundry and Ironing

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16 Sat 2016 magicclean Comments: 0
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Do not hesitate and if you need laundry and ironing service – call MagicClean!

Let’s face it! Ironing is a annoying and it’s something that most people would rather put off until the last minute. Why not take advantage of our professional and reliable ironing service.

Simply leave your garments and household items to us and our experienced, motivated and highly trained team will handle your ironing with the care and attention to detail. Always make sure that your garments are not too wet or scrunched up because we may need to re-wash or tumble dry your clothes. All garments that are ironed are done in the way to give the best possible finish. Whether you are just looking for a service wash or a full laundry service including ironing, we can provide the solution for all your needs.

Simply give us a call today – 07459695526

Living in London usually means that life is too busy for fun, but with MagicClean, you can now rely on us with the ironing and the laundry! If your lifestyle means that you do not have the time for those things or you want to do more important things instead, then why not put your feet up and let MagicClean’s team handle the work for you? . Our top notch laundry service across London can help you!

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