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Various cleaning services for your home or your office

We offer wide range of cleaning services for our business partners and our loyal clients

You can always rely on MagicClean! Give us a call at any time you want

Our clients or future clients can call us 24/7 if they need information or they want to book their cleaning maid

We are not going to switch the cleaning maid if you prefer a single one

You can always stick to the cleaner you want and she will be changed only due to illness.

You don't need to worry if you have special requests for us

Don't worry and don't hesitate if you have different needs. We have 'Any Special Requests' section which is made for you!

These cases are perfectly simple

At MagicClean expert management is engaged to do the best and to direct the growth of the company.

MagicClean does not have any hidden fees.